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Restoring balance to our natural environment, as stewards of God’s creation, does not have to be boring. It can be fun and exciting as we found out on Sunday, September 14 in the church parking lot on a truly beautiful fall day. As Americans we have a love affair with our automobiles. This was quite evident as our church membership came out to view, touch and ask questions about the plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) that were on display. The Creation Care Group from Prince of Peace sponsored this event with the help of the Minnesota Plug-in Owners Circle. Those vehicles on display included two Nissan Leafs, two Tesla Model S’s, one Chevrolet Volt, one Toyota Prius PHEV, and one Tesla Roadster. This represented a small sampling of the EVs available in the market today. Two of the vehicles were owned by POP church members. Not only was it possible to look at these vehicles up close and to sit in the driver seat, but you could hear why the owners are so excited about them.

Reducing our carbon emissions is our moral responsibility. Converting to more efficient vehicles is one of many steps we can take to improve the opportunities for a better climate for our children and their children.

Efficient automobiles like these also provide far less expensive transportation costs. This event clearly opened some eyes to some of the options available today. When the time comes to replace our aging family vehicles many came away from this event open to the opportunities of going to our existing 21st century technology.

The Creation Care Group meets every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. on the lower level of the Christian Life Center in the Mission Intake Room. We constantly explore our responsibility to care for God’s creation and our role in restoring the earth for our children and generations to come.


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    Some may think that this technology is too expensive for their pocketbook. But with a combination of tax incentives and savings from what we may already be paying for car maintenance, the possibilities become much more feasible than you might imagine. Investigate! Learn more. Make care for creation a part of your purchasing decision making process.

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