Phase 2 Update: One Church Transformation

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Phase 1 of our One Church Transformation is complete, except for a few finishing touches. What a beautiful transformation it is – welcoming, light-filled space with easy wayfinding! It’s wonderful to have most of our ministries under one roof with great places to gather together.

We are already well into planning for the next phase of work. This phase will impact the Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, and our new Chapel. Because most of this work is renovation it will be considerably less expensive than Phase 1. Our top priority for the next phase will be to complete the Chapel. This space will be used for Family Ministry worship, weddings and funerals, large events, Bible studies and other activities.

The Chapel must be complete before we can renovate the Sanctuary, which will include reorienting the worship space, upgrading the technology and creating Worship staff offices and rehearsal rooms.

Another priority in Phase 2 is replacing the main parking lot and lot lights. Mission Outpost also needs to move into new space, and we are working with our architects and general contractor on best options to serve our community long into the future.

Our Board of Directors approved moving into the construction drawing phase for the Chapel and Sanctuary. Both areas are far enough along in planning to create the detailed plans for our general contractor to go out for bids in 2020. Construction drawings will be complete after the new year, and our Board of Directors will evaluate bids before approving the scope and timing of work.

Timing of the remainder of our work will be dependent upon our ability to raise the needed funds, and the church calendar, so that ministry continues as our renovation work is in process.

Some families have asked about making a contribution to the next capital campaign in 2019 for personal tax advantages this year or to lock in gains on a stock gift. Our next capital campaign begins in the spring of 2020. If you’d like to give in advance, just note that your gift is for Phase 2. If you have questions on gifting stocks or a qualified distribution from your IRA, please contact Jane Victorey by email or 952-898-9313, or click here for information.

By God’s grace we are shaping ministry today and laying a foundation for generations to come. Thank you!

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