The New Pipe Organ: Renewing a Donor’s Heart

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Written by Bruce W. Becker, Music Director

organ-photoIn a December 2012 conversation with Pastor Jeff Marian, Prince of Peace member Ray “Butch” Ames was interested in funding a project in memory of his wife Karen. As ideas were exchanged, Butch selected the restoration of the pipe organ. Due to significant deficiencies, the pipes had been unplayable in recent years. As Karen’s early years were spent as a trained organist, this project made important connections with Butch and his family.

Butch requested that Music Director Bruce Becker to pursue the project with the stipulation that it be completed in time for Prince of Peace’s 50th Anniversary celebration. Bruce interviewed several potential organ builders who could meet the deadline.

During on-site visits and inspections, it was revealed that the state of the current pipes was in such poor condition that it would not be feasible to proceed with needed repairs. Rather, a decision was made to completely replace the pipe division.

After rounds of listening and reviewing visual and aural designs, Dewsbury Instruments Inc. of St. Augustine, FL was selected. Veteran organ builder Chaz Dewsbury had extensive background designing pipe divisions that would augment the existing digital organ voices.

A production schedule was developed with these due dates:

Phase 1 – Upgrade existing digital voices – May 1
Phase 2 – Removal of existing pipe division – July 1
Phase 3 – Installation of new pipe division – October 1
Phase 4 – Installation of new four manual console – November 1

Upon completion, this new digital/pipe organ will be positioned to lead the worship of God’s people at Prince of Peace for generations. That goal was at the heart of Butch’s vision – to make a legacy gift that would be a positive symbol of renewal for this congregation – an opportunity to reinvest in the bold and renewing future that God has in store for his people at Prince of Peace.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Luke 12:34

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  • Chaz Dewsbury

    As the chosen designer/builder for this major musical endeavor, I have
    to say that the timing was absolutely perfect for me to pour my heart
    into this project. I am so thankful for this opportunity, through the
    generosity of the primary donor, to create an instrument of beauty, both
    visually and tonally, to serve the music foundation at Prince Of Peace
    for many years to come.
    Thank you and God bless,
    Chaz Dewsbury

    • Robert Hanson


  • Liz Ridpath

    Chaz – Thank you for your beautiful work on this project and for sharing your talents with the Prince of Peace community. God bless!

  • Robert Hanson

    I have recently joined Prince of Peace! Couldn’t be happier!

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