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A group of people representing a cross-section of the Prince of Peace community, along with the Board of Directors, continued the discussion about the options we have and best long-term stewardship of all of our campus. Two updated proposals were brought by Cuningham Group Architecture for input and discussion, calling them “Transformation” and “New Building” options.

The Transformation option would use all of the existing square footage of the current Worship Center, along with an addition to bring all ministries under one roof. This plan was far less invasive of the outer structure and could be accomplished at a more affordable cost than the option we considered in September to renovate and add on to the Worship Center. This latest option does not allow for a main floor sanctuary, but would provide a single entry, large welcoming hospitality space and clear wayfinding to a renovated second floor sanctuary. The building would have improved energy efficiency and all current capital updates needed would be included in the total construction project.

The New Building option would site a building on the northwest corner of our upper parking lot with a smaller footprint than the Transformation option. The space would be require more overlapping of uses, but would be efficiently designed and include a main floor sanctuary. The cost of this building is at least 25% more than adding on to and remodeling the Worship Center. With this option the current Worship Center would likely be demolished as the new building would be completed.

Still on the table is the option to remain in two buildings and invest in the $4.5-$5M in capital repairs, with perhaps additional investment to make the buildings more functional.

Please note: Nothing has been decided yet. This is an ongoing discussion that could use your voice.

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