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One thing I’m grateful for | Leadership in uncertain times can feel like walking a tightrope. Make a wrong move and it’s a long way down! But wise walkers have a safety net to catch them. They can only fall so far. In the past few months, I’ve been especially grateful for the safety net of our staff team, my colleagues. They’ve reminded me over and over again that we’re in this together. It’s so much easier to take that next step on the tightrope of uncertainty when you know that there is only so far you can fall. Who is a part of your safety net?

One thing I’m learning | If I say or do something that wounds my wife, Nancy, love compels me to apologize. Even if I didn’t intend to wound her. Love sets ego aside. When we love someone, the impact of our words and actions matters more than our intention.

When I apply that same principle to the conversation about race in America it helps me to see things in a different light. If my words or actions (or inaction) have wounded my brothers and sisters of color, my intention matters less that the impact of those words and actions. Love compels me to set my ego aside and work for justice. Each day and in every encounter we can choose to be right or to live in right relationships.

One thing that is helping me grow spiritually | Like many of you I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by the challenges we face in America. How can I make a difference? How can I be an agent of positive change? Because of the way I’m wired my impulse is to act, to do something. And while something certainly needs to be done (and I need to be part of the doing) I’ve become increasingly convinced that change outside of me must be accompanied by change within me. If I want transformation in the world around me, there must be transformation within me. All of which has impressed upon me the need to be grounded in the spiritual disciplines. I’ll say more about that in my video blog on Wednesday.

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