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By, Jason Kramme, Director of Family Ministry


One thing I’m grateful for. I’m grateful for the tools I’ve got in my emotional toolbox that help me hack my emotions on difficult days. One of those gifts is the practice of gratitude. Every day I take time to write down or share what I’m grateful for and then I ask people to do the same. It works as a lever for my emotions when I feel stuck. I have felt stuck a lot lately, how about you?

One thing I’m learning. I’m in the middle of a course about Social Innovation on Coursera that is challenging me to think more deeply about the types of problems we face as a congregation. There are three types of problems. Simple problems are problems like a recipe. You follow the instructions, no expertise is required, results are standardized, and almost always you get a delicious cupcake. Complicated problems would describe the process of sending a rocket to the moon. Formulas are essential, you learn how to do it by doing it, it requires high levels of expertise, and thankfully, there is a high degree of certainty about the outcome. Complex problems would include raising children. Rules and formulas have limited application, results from raising one child don’t necessarily predict what you’ll get with another, expertise is useful but not necessary, each child is unique, and there is always uncertainty. Over the years, congregations have miscategorized problems which has led to incomplete or insufficient solutions which lead to failure in critical areas of ministry.

One devotional thought or insight that is forming or challenging me. In preparation for Confirmation next fall I’m working on a study of the Gospel of John. I’m about a quarter of the way through the book and the devotional theme that just keeps coming up is that the work of Jesus is recreation. Not just of stuff, but of us. Recreating us into our Child of God Selves. This is the version of you that God sees. This is the version of you that God moved into the neighborhood to redeem, bless, and give a future. As we are filled with this same creative Spirit, how are you engaging in recreation? Are you taking time to see others as a Child of God? George Floyd is a Child of God. Police Officers are Children of God. Politicians are Children of God. YOU are a Child of God.

I’ll say some more about that on Wednesday. You’ll find it at or

What are you grateful for? What are you learning? What’s challenging or forming you spiritually?


Jason Kramme serves as Director of Family Ministry at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Burnsville, MN.


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