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One thing I’m grateful for | Kindness, as in setting yourself aside to selflessly care for the needs of others. I tweaked my back a couple of weeks ago and the lower back pain I felt has gotten worse over time. A friend recommended a chiropractor who lives in our neighborhood. I called and told the doctor what I was experiencing, and he scheduled me for the very next day. When I arrived at his office there was no one there but him. He said, “I’m semi-retired. Normally I only work on Saturdays, but it sounded like you were in pain, so I came in to meet with you.” It seemed like no big deal to him, but it meant the world to me. And as we talked, I learned about the depth of his faith, which helps explain the source of his kindness. The experience has left me wondering how I can express more kindness in small ways throughout the day.

One thing I’m learning | The decision to close our campus due to the Covid-19 pandemic was really difficult, but I’m learning that the decisions around how and when to re-open our campus are far, far more difficult. There’s the challenge of managing people’s expectations and opinions on the matter, opinions often strongly held. There’s the delicate balance of tending to our disciples’ spiritual needs and the health of our staff, congregation and neighbors. There’s absorbing the amazing amount of medical data, which seems to change regularly. And there’s the challenge of shutting it all out and trying to listen to what the Holy Spirit is calling us to do.

You probably have lots of questions about all this. I know I do! So, this Wednesday at noon I’ll be posting a conversation with several of our staff about our latest thinking about re-opening. You won’t want to miss this week’s One Thing video blog which can be viewed here, here, or here.

One devotional thought that is challenging me | Lately I’ve been ruminating on this parable of Jesus, The Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant on the lookout for choice pearls. When he discovered a pearl of great value, he sold everything he owned and bought it! (Matthew 13:45-46) As is so often true of Scripture, this parable has raised lots of challenging questions for me:

  • What is my “pearl of great value”? What is my “must”, that call of God upon my heart and life that I must pursue at all cost?
  • How would I know what that pearl is, that my “must”, is?
  • Am I “on the lookout” for that pearl? If not, why not? What might that process look like?
  • What might keep me from letting go of all else to embrace that pearl? What “shoulds” in my life may I have to shed in order to fully embrace my “must”?

And as I’ve pondered those questions, I’ve also been pondering this from the poet, Rumi: “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”

What’s your great pearl, your great love, your “must”?

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