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By Pastor Sandy Rothschiller

One thing I am grateful for is dandelions. I know, it sounds strange, but here is why. I am thankful for dandelions when I see families out on walks and parents are carrying a handfuls of dandelions that were so lovingly picked and given to them by their children. It just brings a smile to me.

One thing I am learning is how God is present to me in a new way. I am spending more time listening on my morning walks. I am learning to observe my surroundings and letting my thoughts go. As I do this I have become more aware of God’s presence not only on my walk, but throughout the day.

One devotional insight that is challenging me is how I, as a Christian,  deal with violence, injustice and oppression. I see and hear things on the news as well as in my own community and I often find myself challenged as to how to respond and react. As I have studied some of Brian McLaren’s work I am learning in a new way how Jesus responded to those who were abusive and to those who were most vulnerable. How he showed a new way to standing up to violence and oppression.

Pastor Sandy Rothschiller is the Pastor of Spiritual Care at Prince of Peace.

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