One Church Transformation Construction Update: May 2018

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Critical design changes have been made to our One Church Transformation project. Every renovation project provides the opportunity to make changes along the way as new information is gathered and as teams work together to create the best possible outcome. In early April our Land & Building team, staff, Board, architects and general contractor discussed changes to the commons gathering space proposed for the first floor and came to consensus on swapping this space with the shared office spaces proposed for the second floor of the new addition.

Why the change?

  • The first floor of our 1982 addition (current child care area) has low ceilings, creating design difficulties with ductwork/venting necessary for use as gathering space and commercial kitchen
  • There was ongoing concern about the low ceilings and length of the proposed space making the gathering area feel like a tunnel rather than a welcoming place to congregate
  • Five pillars must remain in that space and would provide sight line issues in a gathering space
  • The initial building flow would have promoted an immediate exit after worship rather than encouraging people to stay for fellowship

What’s the impact of swapping the locations of the commons gallery and shared office spaces?

  • A second floor commons space with large windows, tall ceilings and uninterrupted space will feel more spacious and inviting; people will flow directly out of the sanctuary into space that invites them to stay and build community
  • The commercial kitchen can be designed more efficiently in new space on the second floor versus retrofitted space on the first floor; a catering kitchen and coffee bar will be added to the first floor
  • Family Ministry and some administrative offices will move to the first floor in space that lends itself to flexible options, small group areas and more efficiently laid out offices
  • Improved flow for family ministry with small group space adjacent to the chapel
  • Simultaneous events can be accommodated in the chapel and the sanctuary with separate gathering spaces for both groups. A large gathering area will remain near the main door outside the chapel with room for 160-200 people. The upstairs commons area can accommodate over 450 people to gather outside the sanctuary.

What happens with construction timelines?

  • Our project has already been delayed about a month while mechanical systems were being redesigned. This change will add a few more weeks to the construction drawings and bid work
  • Final costs will be determined by the second week of June
  • With Board approval on the scope, construction work will begin in July
  • Phase 1 will be complete by the end of summer 2019

What about the scheduled groundbreaking ceremony?

The groundbreaking ceremony has been rescheduled for June 23-24 during all worship services. It has been postponed from its original date of June 3 so that we can have final costs and an approved scope of work for Phase 1 of our One Church Transformation project prior to the groundbreaking.

Congregational Forum | Sunday, May 20 | Following 8:30 & 9:45 worship services

Congregational forums will be held in the Community Room to discuss updated plans and the latest timeline, along with an opportunity to ask questions about the project. Additional information is available at

Every journey takes an unexpected turn or two, and this one is no different. We fully trust God is directing our steps and that the destination – a new home for God and God’s people – will be worth the wait!

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