One Church Capital Campaign Update

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One Church Capital Campaign Update

The Prince of Peace Board of Directors set an $11 million budget for Phase I of our One Church Transformation, which includes the new addition with classrooms and office space, renovation of the 1982 addition (Community Room and Child Care, upper and lower hallways), and a new 300 seat chapel space. This is about 45,000 square feet of new and renovated space, plus a 5,000 square foot chapel. This does not mean we will spend $11 million, but the goal is for this phase of construction drawings to fit within this budget.

Phase I is by far the most extensive of three planned phases of our One Church Transformation. Estimated costs for Phase I also include over $3 million in upgrades and replacements in the Worship Center that are needed whether or not we expand and renovate our building.

The final scope of work for Phase I will be determined by construction bids and the financial support of the congregation.

Our current status

  • 856 families are participating in the One Church campaign with $5.7 million in commitments
  • Approximately $800,000 in cost has already been incurred on this project with architectural fees, testing and consultants
  • We have borrowing capacity built into future budgets to support at least $4.5-5 million in debt
  • Between debt capacity and current commitments this leaves between $9.5 and $10 million available for construction

Our current gap

  • With current financial resources we have a gap of $1-1.5 million to complete an $11 million project
  • Approximately 1800 of our families are not yet participating in the One Church campaign

Impact on construction decisions

  • This gap puts in jeopardy the construction of the chapel space in Phase 1 of construction
  • The chapel is a critical piece of our final project, allowing all of family ministry to be in a single building, providing an intimate space for funerals and weddings, and furnishing more gathering space for Engage Bible study, support groups and meeting space
  • Creating at least the shell of the chapel space during Phase 1 will save $300,000 in construction costs by being more efficient with construction processes

How do we respond?
If you are not yet participating in the One Church campaign – we need you now! You may think that you don’t have the resources to help close the gap, but every contribution makes a difference. Your ownership of this project is as important as the amount you are able to give to be a part of our future. If you are participating in the One Church campaign, and are willing to contribute more, your giving will enable us to complete more in this first phase to support ministry and be more efficient with construction cost. Visit to make a commitment or increase your current commitment. Thank you for your support!

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