New Normal

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by Pastor Sandy Rothschiller

I feel as though I have entered the “new” post covid normal. Yet as I write this the covid numbers in Minnesota continue to reach new highs. However, there is no longer a sheltering in place for our community. Therefore, I find myself exploring new ways to “live” into this “new normal.”

For some reason this new way of living has reintroduced chaos in my life. I was really hoping that the slower and relaxed pace of sheltering in place would last, but it hasn’t.  I have added new ways of dealing with those time when I feel the chaos seems knocking at my door.

  • Breathe – I stop what I am doing and take 3 deep breaths, deep belly breaths. This always calms me and helps me to get a new perspective.
  • Gratitude – even though I may feel overwhelmed at the moment, I take a few moments to be thankful for what I do have, even in chaos I am grateful for things in my life.
  • Meditation – this has been the most challenging for me. I start with just 5 minutes. I let go of my thoughts. When they come creeping back I envision placing them on a ship that sails away. That ship can return or it can go to a place far away, forever. It doesn’t matter, what matters is that I can let it go so I can get back to a quiet mind. If I want to revisit it after my meditation time, I will know right where to find it!

Pastor Sandy Rothschiller is the Pastor of Spiritual Care at Prince of Peace.

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