Never Too Late

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Never too late sm“Is anything too wonderful for the Lord?” – Exodus 18:14

Linda lay in a hospital bed with multiple infections and kidney failure. Ten years earlier Linda’s husband had given her a kidney but her degenerative disease had now destroyed that kidney. With over 85,000 people on the waiting list for a kidney and the complexity of finding a match in her unique condition Linda wondered if she would make it to her daughter’s wedding that summer. She wondered if it was too late for her.

In another state, at the very same time, Judy sat in a hospital room by her husband’s bedside. He was in desperate need of a liver transplant. They were both waiting to find out if Judy was a suitable donor match. But when the doctor entered the room he delivered devastating news. Unbeknownst to her, Judy was in kidney failure and in need of a kidney transplant. Her condition was every bit as dire as her husband’s. Judy wondered if it was too late for both of them.

Meanwhile, God’s Spirit was at work in two guys in two different states who were barely even aware that they had two kidneys each, guys for whom the word “donation” had more to do with Salvation Army kettles at Christmas than human organs.  I was one of those guys.

When the dust settled in October 2013 Linda and Judy both had working kidneys and two guys had the exquisite privilege of knowing they’d made a difference in someone’s life.

I know that not every story has a happy ending and I can’t unravel the mystery of why things happen as they do. But experiences like this remind us that this world is filled with infinitely more possibilities than our eyes can see. And more importantly this world is immersed in the living Spirit who once hovered over its watery chaos and filled both Adam’s lungs and all of creation with life and possibility.

Nothing is too wonderful for the Lord, so it’s never too late.

What do you need today to live in hope? How is God calling you to be a bearer of hope in someone else’s life?

Want to learn more about being a kidney donor?  Find out more here:

By the way, Judy’s husband is also doing just fine!

Jeff Marian is lead pastor at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Burnsville, MN

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