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smiling brothers 2Update: Prince of Peace moved further into planning mode this month as our Board of Directors approved the following motion on Tuesday August 6: “Motion to authorize the construction, staffing and operation of a dental clinic per the pro forma presented, contingent upon grant funding in the amount of $20,000 for construction, and $15,000 towards the first full year of operations. The clinic would operate 4 hours per day up to 2 days per week, and complete dental work on the last patient of the day no later than 8:30 pm. Hours of operation would not increase without board approval.”


In a recent Fairview Ridges Hospital report, acute dental pain is one of the top six reasons people visit the emergency room, just across the street from Mission Outpost. “Pain and suffering due to dental problems can lead to problems with eating, speaking, thinking, and learning. Studies have shown a link between gum diseases and diabetes, heart and lung diseases, stroke, and adverse pregnancy outcomes. For poor Minnesotans, dental access is one of the three top health care needs.”

For the last several years, the Mission Outpost staff and volunteers have been hearing that there is a need for low cost/free dental care south of the river. For the last two years, a team of about 24 dentists, hygienists, assistants, and Mission Outpost supporters have researched the possibility of starting a dental clinic at Mission Outpost. Several times a year a dental bus visits our space, but due to the changing schedules/availability, many folks in need of urgent dental care go untreated.

We now may have enough organizational and volunteer support to start a low cost clinic and are lining up the financial support (the goal is to have this clinic supported financially outside of regular POP revenue). The team will be making a final presentation to our Board of Directors at the August 6 board meeting.

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