Minot – Beyond The Flood

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By Ann Schluter | Minot Mission Trip Team – Oct. 17-21

It took me awhile to finally have the courage to volunteer for a mission trip.  I had been pulled in that direction for some time but was concerned about my ability to contribute to the work at hand, as well as, my physical endurance. So, needless to say, it was with great apprehension that I finally committed and signed up for the Minot mission trip. And as we left for Minot, I joined the prayer of the group that Jesus may be seen in us as we brought help to those in need.

When we arrived in Minot we were assigned work groups. Groups worked on several houses. We worked hard to take the reconstruction of the homes closer to completion. In the process of working, we talked with the owners. We listened to stories about the flood and stories beyond the flood. We learned that the 80 year old couple who had lost their home of 50+ years during this flood had, during the same time, lost a daughter to cancer. It was with smiles and tears and expressions of gratitude and thanks to God for the blessings of our help that they told their stories.

The second home we worked on was owned by a single grandmother. She showed pictures of the house before and after the flood. And when asked about the little doll buggy sitting in the unfinished kitchen, she said it was her 5 year old granddaughter’s whom she cared for before the flood.  But since the flood, the child had gone to live with her father in another town. She did not know when she would get to see her again. Her eyes were sad but clear, her strength apparent, but the reality of a broken heart was obvious. As a grandmother of a 5 year old myself, I cried silently for her. She, too, expressed her gratefulness for the blessing of our help.

These people and their stories revealed their courage, resilience, strength and fortitude.  I saw Jesus in them.  And the Holy Spirit dwelt within.

I returned from Minot exhausted, but energized.  I was very tired in body, but my spirit soared. Being able to touch the lives of those in need, and being given the gift of seeing God in their lives beyond the flood, was among the greatest gifts the Lord has given me. I learned it wasn’t the gift I gave, but the gift I received.

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