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Children's Ministry 2013By Mike Heidemann, Small Group Leader

I’ve been a member at Prince of Peace since I was 10 years old and it’s the fundamentals that I learned here as a child that have played a major role in creating my outlook and approach to life.

I’ve been a small group leader at Prince of Peace for 4 years. I enjoy the interaction with kids in an environment that provides them an opportunity to grow spiritually. Aside from the privilege of leading the kids, the forum also provides the opportunity to grow my knowledge of scripture and add value to my own parenting role by hearing life’s lessons and perspective from children outside of my family. Much like a pastor leads the congregation, I feel a small group leader is important in planting seeds in a young person’s life, and through prayer those seeds will blossom as they grow and mature. I feel privileged and blessed for the opportunity to lead small group!

I believe God has called me to exemplify that an imperfect person has the ability to spread the word and influence people around them in a positive way. The idea that I can play a small role in planting seeds of Gods fruit keeps me motivated and driven to be a light in his world!

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