Middle School Christmas Generosity

 In Out

By Kristen Brechler – Middle School Interim Director

Amos - 10 years old

Amos – 10 years old

Shida - 10 years old

Shida – 10 years old

Last week in Middle School Ministry our lesson was on gifts and giving. In MSM we’ve been a bit behind on our offering goal (that goes to support these two Compassion International kids – Shida and Amos) and needed to make up $325. Typically we raise about $100 a week. One of our awesome mentors suggested that we challenge students to give by having a contest for the group who gave the greatest percentage. Knowing this is a hard time financially for families, we asked students to search the house for coins, change in hopes of reaching our goal, knowing that a little goes a long way.

I was astounded to see students bringing in their parent’s change jars and others brought handfuls of what they had. At the end of the night the counters announced that we raised $750…far surpassing our goal!

Way to go Middle School students you’ve made a difference in the lives of two very special people and shown this community what giving is all about. Thanks for making a difference!



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