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Everyday HeroDo you know what usually separates heroes from ordinary people?

It isn’t a cape.

It isn’t a side-kick.

It isn’t a super power.

It isn’t incredible courage.

What usually separates heroes from ordinary people is time. Most of us blow through life with a full agenda, moving so quickly that we don’t even see the opportunities all around us, every day, to be heroic. But heroes take the time to see and to respond.

Many things separated the Samaritan from the Priest and the Levite in Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) but the critical difference is that the Samaritan took the time to see and to respond to a person in need.

A new hero was revealed in Sweden just a few days ago. He doesn’t leap tall buildings in a single bound. Instead he drives a bus. But his simple act of compassion was, in my humble opinion, heroic. Take a moment to read his story here.

How ironic that what most often separates heroes from ordinary people isn’t something extraordinary. It’s something we all have in equal measure today – time. How will you invest your time today?

Is there a hero that you’re remembering this week of Memorial Day? Leave a comment and tell us the story.

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