Life Is a Mission Trip

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Use Cross WalkMission trips are awesome. The experience of traveling in community and intentionally investing ourselves into the needs of others is transformative. And so I wonder what it would be like if we chose to see life as a mission trip?

I recently returned from the funeral of a remarkable woman. Brenda was a wife, a mother, a friend and an integral part in her faith community. Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 13 years ago, Brenda made it her mission to support patients and families, extend survival rates and eventually find a cure through her work with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network ( She was faithful, driven, generous, encouraging and inspiring. Someone aptly described her as a hurricane, not of destruction, but of love.

At both the visitation and funeral I heard story after story of how Benda impacted the lives of those around her. People didn’t just feel blessed by her life; they believed that they were better people for having known her. And as I looked around me I thought about the impact, the ripple effect of this one woman who chose to see life – and live it – as a mission trip.

One of Brenda’s favorite songs was “For Good” from the musical Wicked. It was sung at both her visitation and funeral. Take a moment to listen to it here and allow the words to inspire you.

Whatever your passion or pain let it transform your life into a mission trip. Then go live it.

Got a story of someone who has changed you for good? Leave a comment and let it inspire others.

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