Life Is a Mission Trip, Part Two

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Life is a Mission TripLast week I invited you to think about daily life through the lens of a mission trip. How might you live differently if you got up each day daring to believe that God was sending you on a mission trip to share God’s love and grace? How might that shape your decisions? The investment of your time? Your interaction with others?

This week I’d like to add another layer to that thought, a layer called vocation. The word vocation comes from Latin and it means “calling”. Lutherans are big on the idea that whatever you do in life is your vocation. God has called you to do it and to use it as a means of sharing God’s love and grace. God is glorified when we live that way.

One of our pastors recently preached on this topic. Putting the concept of vocation into an ancient context he said that if your vocation is to be a goat herder then there’s probably a goat herder in the next pasture. Who better than you to share God’s love and grace with that goat herder? That’s vocation.

So what’s your vocation? Maybe you’re a mom or a grandfather, a business executive or a sales person, a teacher, doctor, a world-class volunteer, a neighbor or friend. It really doesn’t matter what your vocation is. What does matter is how you envision using your vocation as a means of sharing God’s love and grace.

I love meeting people who, sometimes without even knowing it, are living out their vocation in profoundly impactful ways. One of those people is a guy named Steve. When I met Steve he was a bartender at Burger Jones. Steve’s job was to serve drinks, but Steve’s vocation was to share God’s love and grace and he did it extraordinarily well. Who knew that being a bartender could be a mission trip? Steve knew. We recently asked Steve about it. Listen here to what he had to say.

So, how do you see your job as a vocation? How are you using it as a means of sharing God’s love and grace? Take a minute and leave a comment.

And to those of you who are living out your vocation, sharing God’s love and grace along this mission trip called life, thank you! God’s Kingdom is coming to light through you. Thanks be to God!

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