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Written by Eric Elton

I was recently in a Bible study and the question was asked “Who was the person that told you about Jesus?” The next question was “How did they tell you about Jesus?”

As I thought about my answers, trying to dig through the years of memories, I came to the conclusion that I don’t think anyone sat down and talked to me about Jesus. Now, that probably isn’t completely true, but, I have no recollection of a conversation. I am sure it probably happened through Sunday School, prayers and conversations around the dinner table and such. But I do not remember a sit-down conversation.

What I do remember is that I had many people in my life who showed me how to be Jesus. They were servants. It was my grandfather who allowed me, as an elementary aged-kid, count the offerings every Sunday after church in their little country church. It was my grandmother who was the church organist at the same church for 50+ years. It was my parents who were active in leadership at Prince of Peace and in the choir. It was also my youth group at Prince of Peace that showed me how to be more like Jesus. Jesus was far more than a person in the Bible. Jesus was with me and around me … all the time, but I, like many of us, didn’t always notice.

I left corporate America in August 2001. I started at Prince of Peace on September 4. 1 week later, the Twin Towers came down. Our world changed in one tragic morning. More than ever, the world needed to see Jesus.

In our own community, people were coming to Prince of Peace for food, clothing and furniture. We could not turn them away. As the days, weeks and months rolled by, more and more people came for those items. More food was donated. A van was donated for the furniture. More space was provided for Mission Outpost. More volunteers came to show their love for Jesus by sharing that love to those that came asking for services.

Almost 4 years ago, we opened the Dental Clinic at Mission Outpost. Outside of utilities and space, the clinic is fully supported by grants. Some of the granting foundations freak out because Mission Outpost is connected to the church. In our grant request, we tell them that they do not need to worry about us preaching to the patients. We believe that our evangelism is in our smiles and the knowledge that the dentist and assistant and/or hygienist volunteered their time and their vocational gifts. The clinic is able to show the patients Jesus.

There was a song from our youth days at Prince of Peace. It is called “Show You What Love Is.” The song talks about how you can “say all the right words, cite phrases that we both agree, make you believe that I truly love you …” The chorus goes on to say, “Let me show you, what love is, not tell you, what love is.” When I look at my life journey so far, it can be very difficult to tell someone about Jesus. I have learned that is not my gift. But ask me to show someone … now you are talking my language.  When you try to tell people about Jesus, they will put their defenses up and sometimes freak out. But, I have rarely had anyone freak out by showing Christ’s love to those around me.


Eric Elton is the Mission Outreach Director at Prince of Peace. 

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