Lectio Divina for Advent

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Throughout this Advent season we want to challenge you to practice a way of dwelling in God’s Word called Lectio Divina, which means sacred reading. It’s a simple yet powerful practice that helps us to hear what God is saying to us. There are four simple steps:

  1. Request. Ask God to guide your thoughts and impressions through the Holy Spirit.
  2. Read. Read a passage of Scripture and receive each word as if God was speaking directly to you. How do you picture God and how do you picture yourself? What do you hear, see, believe, feel, and understand?
  3. Reflect. Allow the Holy Spirit time to work in your thoughts and in your heart. Pay special attention to what emotions you feel. What draws you into the words of this passage? Where do you feel resistance? Record any words or phrases that stand out. Are you hearing a personal word or invitation?
  4. Respond and receive. You may choose to write a prayer of response. You may commit to doing something that you sense God calling you to do. Then conclude by resting in what you have received.

You can find more about how to practice Lectio Divina in this illustrated guide.

Pastor Jeff walks us through the process and practices Lectio Divina with Isaiah 40:28-31 in this video.

Each weeks daily reading plan can be found in the worship resources for each week. Daily readings are posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Monday through Friday at 6:00 am.


We don’t just do this practice because we long for hope in these difficult days. We do this practice so that we can go out and be living signs of hope for a world struggling in the dark, bearing the fruit of God’s love and light for all to see. And now more than ever, that is what’s needed in the world.


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