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688 FAMILIES HAVE COMMITTED $5.4M with total participation of 811 families giving to the campaign  |  Updated November 21, 2017

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This construction project must be logistically phased to move ministry areas out of space that will be renovated. The preschool must move to renovate Mission Outpost, and the alternative worship space must be complete before the Sanctuary is renovated. The proposed phases may follow one directly after the other, or there may be a gap between phases depending on the financial commitment of the congregation and our ability to finance the construction from the lease or sale of the Christian Life Center building.

Three phases have been identified for the complete project:

  • Phase 1 – 22,000 square foot addition, 5,800 square foot basement, renovation of 16,000 square feet of existing space including the Community Room and Child Care area, construction of a 5,000 square foot alternative worship space
  • Phase 2 – Renovation of the Sanctuary and new Mission Outpost space; this is a much less expensive phase as it involves no new construction
  • Phase 3 – Completion of site work, including new parking lots and landscaping 

Phase 1: Single Project Scope
Basement, new addition including a 300-seat 5,000 square foot alternative worship space, and renovation of the current child care area and Community Room. This creates a new entrance with a clear front door, large gathering space, commercial kitchen, administrative offices, CDLC Preschool and Family Ministry space. This also allows Family Ministry to all be under one roof at the end of Phase 1 construction.

Phase 1: Split in 2 Stages
Phase-1A includes everything detailed above except construction of the alternative worship space which would be completed as Phase-1B.

Likely Timing for Phase 1:

  • February 2018: Construction drawings complete for Phase 1
  • February 2018: General contractor provides guaranteed maximum price and creates bidding documents; Board gives final approval on construction project and phasing
  • March-April 2018: Building permitting, bidding process
  • April 2018: Ground breaking
  • June-July 2019: Completion of Phase 1 construction


645 families have made a commitment to the One Church capital campaign, and 155 more families are contributing, but have not made a commitment. Total construction capacity with commitments and debt capacity is currently $9.5M, which would complete all of Phase-1A.

An additional $1.5M would allow us to complete the alternative worship space (pictured above) as part of Phase 1 construction. Because of construction efficiencies, completion of this space in a single phase saves over $300,000. Construction of the alternative worship space will allow us to move all Family Ministry under one roof. Completing this critical space now will allow us to be better stewards of our resources.

How Do I Respond?
If you have not yet committed to the One Church campaign, now is the time! Your gift in any amount could save us hundreds of thousands of dollars in the future. The same is true if you feel called to increase your commitment. Commitment cards are available at the welcome desk or you may make an online commitment. If you’ve already made a pledge for the One Church campaign – thank you!

Most importantly, please pray for this process. Pray that the Spirit will guide our Board of Directors to make wise decisions that will bless our ministry for generations. And pray that every disciple would catch the vision of this important project and respond with joyful generosity.

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