January Update: One Church Transformation

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Every week brings big changes for our One Church Transformation project! In December the concrete for the elevator shaft was poured and the remainder of the structural steel and roof steel was set. Level two precast planks were installed. Framing began for exterior walls in the new construction. Now we get a real sense of the scope of the new addition!

This month, roofing began along with exterior wall board and stone masonry. In the renovated space, the interior walls continue to be framed. Considerable work continues with new plumbing, electrical and HVAC installation. A new roof will be installed for the renovated space at the same time the roofing is done for the new addition.

We remain close to our original schedule and still anticipate the project completed about Labor Day, 2019. Continue to check the construction view from the Sanctuary windows. We’ll be able to watch from there for the next several weeks until the windows need to be removed on the east side of the Sanctuary. You won’t want to miss the adventure!

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