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Implementation Teamby Susan Jambor

While the congregation continues to listen to our community’s needs, our Implementation Team (Diane Burrow, Bernie Dusich, Susan Jambor, Matt Johnson, Jeff Marian, Eric Miller, Taya Theis, Marilyn Tubbs, Jane Victorey, Christine Walth) has begun to meet.

The Implementation Team will take a look at what we are doing now and determine what aspects of our current ministry and life together we will take with us into the future. The job of the implementation Team is to take the vision from the imagined to the real. Working with Prince of Peace leadership, staff and partners, they will develop plans for each ministry area. Challenges will be identified and the work required to meet those challenges. Keeping an eye on the work of how one ministry overlaps or parallels another and find ways to reduce duplicated effort will be a priority.

The Implementation Team will then start identifying the major work we need to do to reach the vision of the congregation working collaboratively with schools, churches, local government, campus partners, other organizations and the business community to provide hope and wholeness to all people, with specific focus on children, seniors and people in poverty in the south metro area.

In everything we will strive to be good stewards of our time, our efforts and our money. At the same time, leadership has begun to simplify current ministries and align them with the vision. The Prince of Peace Board of Directors, staff and Implementation Team are determining what givens we have (for instance: worship, small groups, lay ministry, mission outpost and missional communities) and areas where we might collaborate (for instance: Feed My Starving Children, Echo Park and support groups). Eric Miller is already leading a subgroup to survey CDLC parents (past and present) to see how CDLC fits into our long-term vision.

The Implementation Team will be commissioned at all services the weekend of October 4 & 5 and we will have the opportunity to ask questions of the Vision Team and Board after all services. Where do you see yourself in this vision and how might you be a part of implementation? How can you be the hands and feet of God? How will you answer the call to “Go…be disciples?”

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