“I Gave Back. I Feel Strong Now.”

 In Out

By Pat Jarvi

One of the greatest challenges of the Mega Sale over the past several years has been recruiting enough volunteers to during the 3 weeks before the sale.  Thousands of items arrive every Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and are taken to their respective area to be sorted, cleaned, polished, folded, priced or bagged, to be donated to another ministry. This takes many hands and hearts and time!

Mega Sale Maria booksRecently, one of our coordinators, Julie Abear, took it upon herself to do what she had been hearing from the pulpit: go into the community and be the church. While she was volunteering at the front desk check-in for The Mission Outpost, she invited Maria Denney to become a volunteer for The MEGA Sale. Maria said “Julie saw me walk up and said I have something exciting to invite you to!” When she explained that she wanted Maria to join her in the jewelry area, Maria was tentative and not sure that she would know how to do this. Then Julie said “I will be right there with you. You can do anything!”

“That meant the world to me, Maria said. That Julie had the confidence in me that I could do this. It gave me confidence! I was thrilled!”

So Maria came and worked alongside the jewelry ladies, and the next day spent some time in books and then the linens area. “I realized that I loved the linens and the coordinator told me I was doing a super job! I felt so welcomed! I met all the ladies and we had coffee break and it was great to see so many people working so hard.”

Maria is moving away from our area to care for a family member with cancer. She is going to try to make it to the first day of the sale if she can fit it in before she leaves town. But this experience has forever touched her heart. “I have never seen anyone that does outreach like you all do. I gave back. You all have always been there for me when I needed help. I feel strong now. The Lord gave me an opportunity to volunteer and give back to those who blessed me.”

One simple gesture. An invitation. Words of encouragement. Cconfidence gained. A welcoming environment. A grateful heart forever touched.

Pat Jarvi is the Mission Outpost Coordinator at Prince of Peace.

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