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Narrative-Lectionary-story-sizeby Jeff Marian

Who am I?

Where did I come from?

Why am I here?

What is God like?

What is God up to in my life and in the world?

Where is this world headed?

There are just a few of the fundamental questions of life, questions that people have been asking for thousands of years. What if there was an epic novel, a fascinating and compelling story that offered deep and thought-provoking answers to those very questions? Might you read that book? You probably already own it. It’s called The Bible.

From beginning to end the Bible is a story about God and about us. It isn’t just the story of what God did long ago; it’s the story of what God is still doing here and now, in you and me, in us. And this is a story that has the power to shape us, to inform our identity as disciples and as the Church. I can’t think of a better time to immerse ourselves in God’s story than right now as we begin to live into God’s vision for Prince of Peace.

Each weekend, starting September 12-13, we’re going to explore another “chapter” in God’s story and ours in worship. Our student ministry will be exploring the very same stories each Wednesday night so that we can all grow together!

Each week we’ll also provide some the Weekly Connect with some additional thoughts and questions for people of all ages to explore the stories further and build connections into their daily discipleship. Next week the questions will be included in your bulletin. They will also be available on the tables at the back of the Sanctuary, in the kiosks and at the welcome desk. I’d encourage you to use the Weekly on the drive home, around the dinner table or in your devotional time.

Each Monday, the upcoming weekend’s Weekly Connect will be available on our downloads page . They will be handed out at Engage Bible Study, Student Ministry and in some small groups. I invite you use them to join with staff in preparing for the upcoming story. I think you’ll find they’ll enrich your worship experience strengthen your discipleship.

I’ve loved great stories since I was a little boy, and can’t wait to dive into this great story with you!


Jeff Marian is the lead pastor of Prince of Peace


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