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God's DreamsDreams are powerful things. They can scare us senseless or they can propel us beyond what we thought possible.

Prince of Peace is in the midst of a visioning process. Having just celebrated 50 years of ministry we’re seeking to discern how God’s mission might thrive in and through us in the next 50 years. It’s a daunting and exciting time to be the Church! 

Phase One of the process culminated last year with the report of the Renewal Task Force. This report was submitted to the Board of Directors and laid out the reasons that change is needed. You can read the report here.

Phase Two began almost 9 months ago as the Board of Directors appointed a Vision Team that was tasked with engaging the congregation to discern and articulate a vision for our future. The Vision Team just completed part one of their work, engaging hundreds of disciples to surface the core values of our congregational culture. The results can be reviewed here.

Later this spring the Vision Team will again be engaging disciples to ask questions about our hopes and dreams for our future. The Vision Team can already feel the energy and urgency of disciples to speak into this part of the process. And that’s great news because it bespeaks a passion for God’s Church. But before we open those floodgates and give voice to our hopes and dreams we’re going to stop and breath and pray.

During this Lenten season we’re urging every disciple to ask God daily in prayer, “Lord, what are your dreams for Prince of Peace?” And then sit in silence and listen. What a perfect Lenten discipline!

It acknowledges that our will and God’s will are not always the same.

It gives us the opportunity to surrender our agendas to God’s agenda.

To use good Lutheran language this discipline invites us to die to ourselves and rise in Christ.

I believe that God does have dreams for this body of Christ, dreams that will propel us beyond what we thought possible. That’s scary and exciting! I urge you to join the Lenten journey as together we allow God’s dreams to shape our dreams.

Each week I’ll be inviting you to reflect on a question regarding God’s work and our work in the world. I invite you to post your response so that we can learn from and grow with one another. This week’s question: How is God active in the world today? 

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  • Ken Walter

    God knows us before in our mother’s womb, He gives us a useful body and places His Holy Spirit in us, He nurtures and encourages us in belief and faith in Him and His Son Jesus Christ through His Spirit active in us and His words of truth. He gives us continuous opportunities to love one another, He forgives us by His mercy and grace when we flounder and fall, and when our bodies of this world wear out He takes us home to eternal life. So in the world today it is the time to prepare and be ready by loving one another as Jesus set us the example in His words and actions. Praise and Glory to God.

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