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Fred-Dingler_We-Three-Kingsby Paul Gauche

As we come to these remarkable days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I’m so aware of the remarkable gifts that I’ve been able to “open” and celebrate over the previous months. The spiritual practice of slowing down and just “being in the moment” has allowed me to celebrate so many gifts.

One gift in particular that I’ve come back to time and again in the past weeks is a story that was shared with me during the 5-Minute Meeting after a recent worship service. We were just beginning our series on “The Good Life” during which we took a good look at Spiritual Practices. You may recall that we explored practicing solitude, simplicity, spiritual friendship, celebration, along with a host of other opportunities to experience a more fulfilling life. During the 5-Minute Meeting, a disciple at Prince of Peace shared this great story with me: She had recently been at a neighborhood party and was talking with someone in her neighborhood about our series on Spiritual Practices which had just begun. Her neighbor was fascinated with what she was hearing and asked about the worship service times at Prince of Peace. The following weekend that person visited one of our services and sensed a deeper stirring in her heart about the spiritual practices and decided to return for the rest of the series. As my friend told me in the 5-Minute Meeting, “She hasn’t missed one yet!”

One of the greatest gifts we can give others is to talk about the things that we’re experiencing together in our faith community. Talking about what God is up to in our lives wherever we live, work and play is just one way that we’re able to make an impact in the lives of others. If my friend hadn’t talked about the series on spiritual practices at her neighborhood party, her friend wouldn’t have known about the things that are now blessing her life. And as that person continued to share the story with her friends and family, the gift kept opening!

As we move into the new year ahead, let’s continue to share the stories of God among us. Let’s commit to telling the stories of God’s work in and through us. That will be a gift that you’ll be able to open time and time again, and a gift that those around you will be able to open as well. When we do this together, we just never know whose life God will be touching through us!


Paul Gauche is the Pastor of Life Transitions at Prince of Peace. The image is “We Three Kings” by Fred Dingler. 

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