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With Christmas being only a few days away many of us will be staring at gifts under the tree just waiting to be opened! Everybody loves gifts, but…have you ever a received a gift, but then didn’t use it? I have. My friend gave me a kitchen aide mixer. After I received it I put it in the cupboard, and didn’t touch it. She kept asking me if I liked it. Finally, after 6 months in the cupboard I dusted it off and used it to make cookie dough. And I loved it….I called my friend immediately after I used it for the first time and told her I think I am in love with a mixer! I still have that mixer to this day, I still love it and I wonder why I let such a great gift sit on the shelf for so long.

God has given us the greatest gift of all. Jesus Christ! In just a few days we will be celebrating his birth. And then…. and then what do we do with this great gift? Do we put it on a shelf in the cupboard of our lives? Only using it when we remember or have someone remind us? Or do we use that gift as part of our lives each day? Jesus, Emmanuel, God with us, is a gift that we can open and partake in every day! And when we do, we are connected to the gift of hope, joy, peace and love.

Merry Christmas!

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