Garden from Heaven

 In Out

Written by Olivia Smoldt-Hall 

Megan Frye graduated from high school in 2013 with one unfinished project hanging over her mind. Technically, the project had been graded and “finished,” but to Megan, there seemed a lot of work left to complete. She and friends had taken a class requiring them to brainstorm one idea to improve the community. Megan wanted to do more than brainstorm the thing; she needed to see it come to life.

On her spring break during freshman year in college, Megan decided to finish what she had started; so, with her father by her side, Megan strolled into the hardware store and grabbed lumber, nails, some netting, and a lot of dirt.

Her idea? Build nine portable, 4 foot by 4 foot garden boxes for families who wanted to garden but did not have the yard space. She put her online shopping skills to use and ordered up dozens of seeds, and gained some new skills as the girl sawed and nailed together the mini-gardens.

Once finished, Megan and her dad drove them down to the Mission Outpost where Pat Jarvi, Mission Outpost Coordinator shouted out, “Who wants a portable garden?”

Nine hands shot up.

The logistics proved a bit tricky, but Megan successfully delivered all her gardens. The last plot went to Haeja Crakes, who had spent the majority of her life wishing for a garden to tend. Always foiled by sickness or too much yard work, Haeja had resigned herself to a gardenless life until Megan showed up.  Haeja calls the box “a garden from heaven.”

Olivia Smoldt-Hall was summer communications intern at Prince of Peace.


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