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A message from Pastor Jeff Marian:

We’re in the midst of a very exciting season in our life together at Prince of Peace. We’re discerning how to best steward the resources that God has given us. What will bless God’s mission and ministry and the generations that come after us? Here are four things that I think can help us along the way.

First, no decisions have yet been made. I’ve heard rumors that the decision as to what to do with our land and buildings has already been made. While we have much more information today than we did six months ago, no decisions have been made. It is our hope that in the next few months the Land and Building Core Team will bring a recommendation to the Church Board which will, in turn, bring a recommendation before the congregation. Only after an affirmative vote of the congregation will a decision have been made.

Second, lots of faithful heads and hearts have been part of the process. While many people have given input into the process, a group of about 35 disciples representing the diversity of our congregation (the Core Team) has been at the center of the discernment process. Before a congregational vote is held there will be additional opportunities for the entire congregation to speak into the process. Everyone’s input is both welcomed and valued.

Third, the final recommendation will reflect good financial stewardship. We have worked diligently together over the past 8 years to put Prince of Peace into a healthy financial position. Any recommendation made will seek to preserve that good financial health well into our future. Because our debt has been significantly lowered we now have ample options before us. It is possible that the final recommendation brought before the congregation will include incurring new debt, but if that is the case that level of debt will be manageable, will not impact current ministries and will include a clear plan for elimination.

Fourth, anxiety is a natural response to uncertainty and change. We are in a season of uncertainty and so I would expect to sense a bit of anxiety in our faith family. In fact, I would be concerned if I didn’t sense some anxiety. A lack of anxiety would indicate a lack of care or engagement. So let’s all breathe deeply, pray boldly and help one another along the way. We have big challenges, opportunities and perhaps changes ahead of us, but we worship a bigger God who is faithful and has guided us every step of the last 51 years. That’s why scripture encourages us over and over again with these words, “Do not be afraid!”

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