Final Core Team Discussion

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A group of people representing a cross-section of the Prince of Peace community completed their work on land and building options to present to the Board of Directors. The architects brought updated plans for a Transformation Option and New Building Option, along with updated cost estimates. New in the mix is an Addition Option, which adds square footage to the Worship Center, but does not transform the existing space. This can be seen as either a complete project, but more likely as an interim step to the Transformation Option. Pros and cons were discussed for remaining in our current building vs. brand new construction. Also on the table was the option to remain in two buildings and invest in the $4.5-$5M in capital repairs, with perhaps additional investment to make the buildings more functional.

Pros for the Addition or Transformation Options include reusing all of our existing space in the Worship Center and greater energy efficiency than we currently have because of exterior work on one or two sides of the building, along with a new roof. Both of these options would provide about 85,000 square foot of total space with a clear front door and welcoming hospitality space. The cost would be significantly lower than a new building, and all ministries would be under one roof. These options would retain our legacy with the original building. Cons include the sanctuary remaining on the second floor, working with our current building geometry, and continuing to use an older building. A new staircase and elevator would be included to make wayfinding and access to the sanctuary clearer, and updates would provide longer life to our current structure.

The New Building Option would provide a fresh start in a new location on our current parking lot. It would be designed with efficiency in both building flow and energy usage. The sanctuary would be on the first floor, off of a large main entryway. Cons are that the building would be nearly 20% smaller than the Transformation Option with a significant increase in construction cost. Much overlap of ministry in the space would be required. More extensive construction would be needed in our parking lot to hook up to city utilities. It would require two or more phases to complete the project, and we would own three buildings in the interim. The Worship Center would eventually be demolished. There are options to add on to a new building if more space is needed in the future.

The Land and Building Core Team came to consensus at this meeting on an option to present to the Board of Directors. The Board will have a special meeting on October 18 at 5:30 in Room 200 of the Christian Life Center Building and the architectural firm will present the option to the Board and take questions and comments. The Board will be asked to approve the recommendation at their regular Board meeting on November 1. Any building option will require congregational approval, with the vote likely on the weekend of December 17-18.

The Core Team consisted of more than 30 disciples and well represented every swath of ministry. Discussions were extensive and respectful, with great thoughtfulness for the ministry needs of Prince of Peace long into the future and best stewardship of all of our resources. A genuine spirit of unity, along with a concern for our financial health and passion for our future, marked each of our gatherings. We are so very grateful for the thoughtfulness and faithfulness of this group of disciples.

Please note: The Core Team has reached consensus, but nothing has been approved yet by the Board of Directors. This is an ongoing discussion that could use your voice.

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