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FMSC banner boyWe are a blessed people, blessed to be a blessing.

For the past six years we have blessed through a partnership with Feed My Starving Children. Together we’ve packed enough meals to feed more than 16,500 starving children around the globe for a year. That’s amazing! Blessed to be a blessing indeed!

For a couple of years now those of us who have helped to lead this Feed My Starving Children partnership at Prince of Peace have been sensing God calling us to share this blessing, to partner with other churches so that they can experience the blessing of this ministry. We’ve also sensed God calling us to feed more children. And this year the door has opened for us to do just that.

February 3rd through 9th , 2014 we are going to partner with 18 other congregations in what will be called the South Metro Meal Packing Event. Together, with brothers and sisters from other congregations we are going to pack 5,000,000 meals at a central location. It’s been absolutely amazing to witness how God has opened door after door to make this event possible. What a witness this event will be to the wider community, a witness of God’s love.

Registration will open December 15. In order to reach our goal of 5 million meals we’re still going to need your hands to pack “chicken, veggie, soy, rice”, and your generosity to provide the funds for this desperately needed food. You’ll be hearing lots more details in the coming weeks.

Scriptures says, “The One who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.” Let’s thank God for his faithfulness in taking this amazing ministry to a whole new level so that more children can be fed and more disciples can be blessed.

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