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Encouragement2Last week I spoke at our Middle School Ministry gathering. On that particular evening they were focused on the topic of worship. It was an extraordinarily encouraging experience.

They were engaged.

They were excited.

They sang more loudly and enthusiastically than many of our adult worship services.

They listened intently when someone was speaking.

But here’s what I think I loved the most. Whenever anyone got up to do anything…say a prayer, read a scripture lesson…the whole gathering applauded for them. It was as if they were saying, “Hey, if you’ve got the guts to put yourself out there, we want to encourage you.”

Can you imagine a world in which all people received that kind of encouragement? Can you imagine how different this world and our experience of it would be if instead of judging and criticizing one another we encouraged one another and built one another up for any reason or no reason at all?

Let’s make that dream come true. Today.

Need a little encouragement yourself? Here’s a little pep talk from Kid President. It could just be the best 3 minutes of your day. Watch here.

Help expand our encouragement repertoire. Share what’s most encouraging to you…words, a written note, a phone call, a hug….

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  • Tom Backus

    As an MSM mentor, it is always good to hear good things about our students. Sometimes we get so caught up working with them, being with them, loving them, and being their mentors: that we forget that they can be the mentors sometimes. That we can gain encouragement from our youth.

    Thank you for this reminder that we need to encourage each other more often, even for something like reading a single Bible Verse in front of a group of 200+ of your peers!

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