Empty Nest: Full Life

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empty-nestOur last child had just moved off to college and my wife and I were both feeling a little melancholy about our empty nest. I almost surprised myself, though, when she asked me what ‘empty nest’ meant to me. I said, “Well, I guess it means we get to fill it up with some new exciting things.”

Fall is in the air and there’s a lot of change and transition going on. It seems like only days ago that you waved goodbye to your “baby” and pulled out of the dorm parking lot and drove home to an empty house. It happens every year to countless families: kids grow up, kids move out and parents are left to deal with the emotions of an empty nest. For some, it’s a time of sadness and deep adjustments. For others, when the last child leaves the nest it’s “party on!” Some parents report a kind of giddiness about having a tidy house that stays tidy and enjoying quiet evenings after locking the doors for the night at 10:00. Others, even after several weeks of trying to come to grips with the loneliness confess that they still can hardly breathe because the grief of the empty nest is so palpable. And now, as Thanksgiving approaches and many of our “babies” will be returning home for the holiday, we’ll have to get used to a whole new set of emotions.

Understand why empty nesting happens and what you can do about it. Join me for this special one evening installment in the on-going “Transitions” series. “Empty Nest: Full Life”

We will meet Thursday, November 7, 6:30 – 8:00 pm in the Chapel in the Christian Life Center. There is no cost and no need to register. There is also no commitment, so bring your friends and fellow empty nesters!

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