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small dulousBy Pastor Paul Dean

For years I’ve been hearing about the Dominican Republic mission trip to Doulos Discovery School. Men’s trips, women’s trips, intergenerational trips have all come back with stories of how their lives were changed because of this experience. They also shared about how their faith deepened and how much bigger their perspective had become on God’s activity in the world. For years I heard these stories and I felt a tug at my heart each year to join them.


IMG_4196This past February everything lined up and I joined 6 other men and traveled to the Doulos Discovery School in the Dominican Republic for a week of hard work and some really pointed faith development. There are many stories from this trip about how we helped to  continue to build the schools infrastructure in order to provide better and better facilities for these students. However I’d like to share what I found to be the most important story.


IMG_4568This is a story that is about a group of leaders and a community of people who have been willing to stick with supporting an organization in the long term. For so many churches mission trips are just that, trips. They begin and they end and usually they move on to the next trip which means moving on to a different location. But the leaders and congregation of Prince of Peace have taken a much different approach. They decided to  give long term support to this school and it is a strategy that has worked remarkably well.


IMG_4637What I found in the Dominican is a school that is literally changing the futures of generations of family’s who have only ever known hardship and poverty. These kids are being developed as a whole person; educationally and spiritually. Doulos Discovery School is a place where God’s kingdom is coming and it’s a beautiful thing to witness.




Paul Dean is the Pastor of Small Groups at Prince of Peace.

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