Dots of Love: Connecting the Dots

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One of the easiest ways to move OUT for the world is to take part in Dots of Love.

This past summer, our families began using Dots of Love as a way to remind themselves that the smallest act of kindness can be an expression of God’s love. Now, we are all invited to join our families in this ministry.

Holding a door open, buying a stranger a cup of coffee or helping a neighbor rake may seem like small, even inconsequential, things. But as the story below shows, they are part of a bigger picture. They remind us we are all connected — to each other and to God. They remind us that being Christian is who we are 24/7, not just what we do for a few hours a week. They slow us down if only for a moment to remember what is important. They can be an act of prayer.

The following story is from a mother whose family did Dots of Love over the summer. Let her story inspire you to not only take part in Dots of Love, but to inspire others with your own story.

As I was cooking I looked at the refrigerator and the green Dots of Love calendar caught my eye.  In all honesty, I felt a pang of guilt because I loved the idea of this when we received it, but late last night I finally dug it out of the pile it had been in since then. 

Putting it on the refrigerator, I made myself a promise that our family would do one item (not a very grand gesture, but certainly someplace to start).  When I glanced at it while cooking dinner, I remembered my promise and looked at the act of kindness of the day.  June 24:  Make up your own kindness idea! Realizing that I was already doing this in that moment with cooking dinner for a friend I had my aha moment. God meets us where we are.  I was only being intentional about helping out a friend in need and God pulled it all together to form a much bigger picture for me. Little moments become big moments when we remember to include God.

Taking part in Dot of Love is easy. Download the calendar. Grab some stickers (or a green pen). Do an act of kindness. Share your story with us.

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