Difficult Love

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couple arguingby Marilyn Tubbs


Words break no bones but they do break hearts. Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing. Proverbs 12: 18

Dear brothers, don’t be too eager to tell other their faults, for we all make many mistakes; and when we teachers of religion, who should know better, do wrong, our punishment will be greater than it would be for others. James 3:1

The first time I saw her coming down the street I thought she was so beautiful, about medium in size with beautiful markings and eyes that looked right through me. I was excited to see her. But the next time I saw her coming down the street there was anger and resentment in my heart for her. This beautiful young doe deer went from glory to frustration and irritation.

What had this beautiful creature done that would upset me so much? She had decided that the meals didn’t get any better than the display of glory that she found in the middle of my front yard Hibiscus, sedum, zinnias and more. She had thoroughly enjoyed the buffet of flowers before her.

With disbelief and anger I thought I surely should confront her. There must be some way I could let her know my flower bed was not there for her. At dawn the next morning I waited and as she appeared coming down the street, I started toward her with a spoon and a pan making noise that would definitely scare her. She hasn’t returned. I am not sure if she was afraid of the noise or just a woman at dawn acting crazy!!!

Sometimes relationships are like that. Sometimes we feel so loved and happy and sometimes we feel irritated and hurt. When someone has hurt us in some way, broken a promise or caused disappointment, it creates barriers to loving them as God has loved us. We tend to forget that we aren’t specimens of the best human behavior always either and that we have been guilty of being the offending party. But if we can refrain from judging too much and try to see them through the eyes of God, we will find the ability to forgive and love as God has loved us. And that is what being a disciple of Christ is all about. Join me this week, as we seek to be love, grace, joy and forgiveness in a world that needs it so badly.

Prayer:  Precious and loving God, I have trouble sharing with a deer, let alone sharing and forgiving my neighbors and loved ones that have brought hurt into my life. Remind me when my words and my actions are hurtful to others and let me seek to love and forgive as you have loved and forgiven me. Make me an instrument of your peace Lord, as you guide and direct my journey. For your grace, your love and your forgiveness I give you thanks this day. Amen

Marilyn Tubbs is a member of the Prince of Peace Spiritual Care team.


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