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A core team of 30 including staff, Board members and those who volunteered their construction, engineering, technology or other skills began a discussion about the land and the site for our building. Pros of remodeling and adding on to our current building or putting a new building on our current site included a potential (though not certain) cost savings and cons included a major disruption of worship and work over several years which could affect membership and programming.

Pros of moving to the parking lot area near Ebenezer included not having to purchase land, being closer to our neighbors, and shielded from Nicollet Avenue. Cons included design limitations created by the proximity to Ebenezer, sound restrictions for outdoor worship, and the potential that the building would become surrounded or hidden if placed too far north.

Pros of moving to the corner of Nicollet and McAndrews include an ability to incorporate the tall trees into the design, creating a more “natural” space than we have now, and an ability to remain visible to two major roads. Cons include the uncertainty of what could be built on that lot and the cost of grading and infrastructure.

Other considerations in this equation include sun angle, traffic flow, parking, required buffer zones, etc. No decisions have been made yet.

Please note: Nothing has been decided yet. This is an ongoing discussion that could use your voice.

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