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by Pastor Sandy Rothschiller

I recently read an interesting article written by Rick Lawrence who is the executive director of Vibrant Faith. In the article he wrote of his experience asking young people how they would describe Jesus. He received a variety of responses. The most prominent answer was, “Jesus was nice.” That got me thinking about people’s perception not only of Jesus, but what it means to be a follower of him. I know that if following Jesus means all we have to do is be nice, then we miss God’s redemptive work in Jesus.

First of all Jesus wasn’t always “nice.” He experienced all emotions that we do. He was angry at those who were using the temple for their own personal gain. He called some “a brood of vipers.” Hardly what we would call “nice.” Jesus was most interested in our hearts. He lived so that we could know of God’s incredible love for us through forgiveness and new life. It is because we are forgiven that new life comes and repentance becomes part of our growing into newness of life. New life begins each day with a fresh start. Loving and forgiving isn’t always “nice,” but it is the way of Jesus.

Sandy Rothschiller is the Pastor of Spiritual Care at Prince of Peace.


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