Covenant of Expectations for Departing Pastoral Staff

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by Barb Peterson

Throughout the years, Prince of Peace has been served by many beloved pastors. Some have retired and moved away. Still others have accepted new calls to new congregations. But what happens when a pastor retires and stays in the area? How do we maintain relationship, or do we? How do we protect the departing pastor’s time and privacy, as well as allow incoming pastors to establish leadership without interference? It was questions like these that prompted our Board of Directors to establish a Covenant of Expectations for Departing Pastoral Staff. The Covenant seeks to create clear guidelines and boundaries for both departing staff and the congregation. While not an enforceable policy, the Boards ask that in good faith both departing pastors and members of the congregation abide by this covenant for the well-being of both staff and our ministry.

Barb Peterson is the President of the Prince of Peace Board of Directors 

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