Congregational Vote: December 17-18

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On the weekend of December 17-18 we will hold an historic congregational vote at all worship services regarding our proposed building plans (Saturday at 5:30 pm, Sunday at 8:00, 9:45 or 11:00 am). The motion we will be voting on is:

Authorize the Board of Directors to commence a construction project for an addition onto the Worship Center building and significant remodel of the existing Worship Center space. Such project will only be undertaken if the Board finds that adequate financial resources are in place to support the construction.

Notice that this is not a mandate to build. It authorizes the Board to move forward as resources become available. While a simple majority of affirmative votes is needed to approve the motion, the Board of Directors will require a significantly higher percentage of affirmative support before moving forward.

All members 18 years and older are encouraged to participate in this important vote. If you are uncertain about your membership status please contact Sandy Bradee ( Our constitution does not allow proxy voting so you must be present in worship to cast a vote.

These are exciting days at Prince of Peace. God is writing a new chapter into our story, and we’re all invited to co-author it!

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