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Congregational Forums were held after the 8:30 and 9:45 am worship services on May 20, 2018 to give an update on the upcoming construction project. The following is a recap and  questions/answer summary:

Kurt Oestreich, Facilities Director, gave an overview of the Transformation construction project:

Phase 1 includes an addition with lower level preschool/family ministry space, a gathering space for 160-200 at the entrance, an upper level commons accommodating 400-450 people, commercial kitchen, coffee bar, and basement. Both floors of the 1982 addition (current Community Room and child care) are to be renovated, creating offices, small group space, a coffee bar and catering kitchen. Phase 1 may or may not include a 300 seat chapel, depending on costs and funding. This is the most extensive phase.

Phase 2 includes renovating the original triangle building (current Sanctuary and CDLC preschool) – new child care space, Mission Outpost and dental clinic on first floor, reoriented Sanctuary, music offices and rehearsal space on second floor. It will be started when Phase 1 is complete and funding is in place.

Phase 3 includes landscaping, parking lot, lot lights, memorial garden and columbarium.

Kurt discussed the impact during construction. Door B at the southeast corner of the worship center is currently our most used entrance, and will be the first impacted by construction. Entrances during construction will be Door A on the southwest corner and Door E on the northwest side of the Worship Center building. The southwest door at Circle Drive is a handicap accessible entrance, and all handicap/walking challenges parking will be in the small lot between buildings. All entrances will be well marked during construction, and the route to the Sanctuary will be clearly marked inside the building. The elevator and stairs at the south entrance will be available throughout Phase 1 construction. On the north end the ramp inside the building takes you to the Sanctuary. Outdoor worship will continue through June 24, weather permitting. Afterwards all worship is in the Sanctuary. There will be temporary walls blocking access down the hallways on both floors. Fellowship, restrooms, child care and coffee will be downstairs in the current CDLC preschool area during construction. Easiest parking for weekend worship will be to the north of the Worship Center building, or in the lower lot to the west of the Christian Life Center building.

Jane Victorey, Finance Director, gave an update on the timeline of construction:

The project has just gone out for bids, with a Guaranteed Maximum Price established by June 14. The Board of Directors will meet on June 18 to determine the final scope of Phase 1. Groundbreaking is the weekend of June 23-24 at the end of all worship services. In late June or early July construction fencing will go up, and by mid-July construction begins. Anticipated completion of Phase 1 is by the end of summer 2019.

The final scope of Phase 1 will depend on bids received and the action by the Board of Directors. Phase 1 includes the addition and renovation of the 1982 addition (current Community Room and child care area). If bids are favorable Phase 1 may also include a 300 seat chapel, or the construction of the structural portion of the chapel to take advantage of construction efficiencies. The chapel may be delayed until a future phase, and some of the renovation work may be delayed, if necessary to keep the project affordable.

Update on capital campaign: Pledges to date are over $5.7M with 875 families participating. $3.2M has already been received.

We have commitments from four financial institutions who are willing to handle all of our construction debt and final loan and have given pre-approval.

It is extremely important that we are all purveyors of good information and positivity during construction. This will be a great adventure, but there will be inconveniences along the way. We need to focus on the final product. This is like being on vacation away from all of the comforts of home. We can make this a fun experience in the interim and truly appreciate ‘being home’ in our Worship Center after construction.

Questions & Answers:

When the final bid is in, does the Board of Directors get the final say or does it come to the church?

  • The congregation voted to authorize the Board of Directors to commence the construction based on the costs and financial resources to support the construction. The Board will determine the scope.

Interest rates are going up – how will it affect us. Do we lock in?

  • One financial institution gives us the option to lock in for 5 years once the construction loan is approved. The others will allow us to lock in during construction, with the interest on the permanent debt set when construction is complete. We are watching interest rates closely.

Will there be handicap accessibility for people with disabilities?

  • Door A at Circle Drive is an accessible entrance. Handicap parking and parking for those with walking challenges will be directly south of this entrance in the small parking lot between buildings. The elevator will always be available during construction. Phase 1 includes a new elevator that will hold 6 wheelchairs, and one ramp will remain after Phase 1.

Is there any concern with all main activities on the 2nd level of the building plans?

  • One of the original goals of our Transformation project was to have a first floor Sanctuary. That was prohibitively expensive, so we are investing in a large elevator (the largest our architect has ever designed in a church) that will move people quickly from the first floor to the second. Our current elevator will be completely refurbished after Phase 1 is complete, so we will have elevators on both sides of the building.

How much parking are we going to lose?

  • About 45 stalls will be lost when construction is complete. The parking that remains will still exceed the parking requirement for the seating that we have in the Worship Center.

Does the $11 million include architect fees?

  • The $11 million is a cap set by the Board of Directors for the architects as they develop construction drawings for the project. The bids may come in higher or lower than this. And the Board may opt for a scope of work less than this. This $11 million does include architect fees for the construction drawings portion of their work. We have already incurred other architectural fees, and will have soft cost fees of furnishings, equipment, technology, interest and other costs above the construction costs. Ultimately the scope of work will be determined by the resources that we have (pledges and donations), the final bid prices and the capacity we have to finance the project. The Board will determine how much of Phase 1 is complete within our ability to be financially responsible. Even if we have a reduced scope for Phase 1, the architectural work that is completed now won’t change and is available for completing construction at a later date.

When will we have the information about the congregational meeting? Will there be any significant changes?

  • The congregational meeting doesn’t include construction-related business. The meeting information will be in the June Direction and the congregation will be asked to approve the next fiscal year budget and new Board members at that meeting the weekend of June 9-10.

Timing is very important. Timing of money.

  • Agreed. Interest rates have been rising. We are anxious to get final bids so that we can complete the financing work and lock into rates.

Where is the front door on the diagram?

  • The new front door will be on the east side, in the new addition just a little south of where our current outdoor worship area is.

Is there going to be more than one entrance?

  • There will be one main front door, but other entrances at Circle Drive and the north end by CDLC will remain after Phase 1 construction.

How about the second building? Any chance to finance Phase 2 now to leverage the Christian Life Center building?

  • The Christian Life Center building is needed for staff and ministries during Phase 1 construction. So we are unable to lease space or sell the building until we are able to vacate. We have options to lease the space to one or more tenants or sell the building to fund Phase 2 construction.

What amount of debt does the Board feel comfortable with?

  • We have capacity built into our budget to service debt. The final debt amount will be determined by the construction cost, the pledge amount at the time of closing, and balancing against construction efficiencies, without negatively impacting current ministry that we are called to do.

How many families have not contributed to the capital campaign?

  • There are more than 500 families who currently support Prince of Peace in the offering who have not yet committed or contributed to the capital campaign. Our hope is that the start of construction will inspire everyone to take ownership in this project that is so important to ministry today and to our future.

Is the chapel multi-use space and what else will it be used for?

  • We anticipate the chapel being one of the most widely used rooms in the building. It will be a used for family ministry, weddings, funerals, meetings, Bible studies, support groups, and worship. This room will have easy access in and out of the building, and technology to support a variety of needs.

Where will the signed rocks be? Will they be visible?

  • The signed rocks will be on display during the groundbreaking and more will be available for those who have not signed one. These rocks are our commitment to the foundation of our future. They will be poured into the foundation of the building during the early part of construction and will not be visible when the project is complete. We will be allowed to take photos and/or video of the rocks being poured in that we will share on social media.

What about noise in the new phase disrupting other areas?

  • We asked this question of the general contractor and architects and were told that with separate floor systems and a block wall between the spaces that noise will be well contained within the Sanctuary and the commons area. The commons area on the 2nd floor will also have a commercial kitchen separating that space from the Sanctuary. There will be double doors leading into the Sanctuary, further blocking sound.

Are we in a time constraint for steel?

  • Steel prices are rising, but steel cost as a percent of the total project is not very high. We are concerned about getting construction started as all costs do continue to rise.

If you have any additional questions please email Kurt or Jane. View more information on the capital campaign here.

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