IN Through Community: Small Groups

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By Amy Oestreich

September always feels like a second chance to “re-start” the year, another opportunity to change a routine or redefine what a typical week feels like. The school year calendar often drives our routines as the kids go back to school, ministry programs ramp up, and the seasons begin to change.

In the midst of all that, I am most excited to get back into routine with my small group. Our group meets every other week to connect with one another and talk about God. I look forward to seeing them every time we meet, eager to catch up and dive into another chapter of our book. My small group has provided me a place to belong, a place to grow in my walk with God and to ask questions when I need help, and a place to live out “IN through Community.”

Have you considered joining a small group here at Prince of Peace? I would strongly encourage you to consider it! And before you decide, let me address a couple myths about small groups:

  • Small groups are a huge time commitment. Not true! Every small group follows a different schedule – some meet every week, others once a month, and others just occasionally throughout the year.
  • I have to know everything about the Bible to join a group. Definitely not! Small groups are a safe place to dive deeper into the Bible together, ask questions, and wrestle with what it means to live out our faith in daily life.

As we dive into our “Can You Relate?” sermon series, I want to challenge you to add a small group to your routine for this school year. Join me as we grow as a community, IN community, together. Contact me by email or at 952-898-9393 to sign up today.

Amy Oestreich is the Community Life Director at Prince of Peace. 

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