Climate Change in Our Own Backyard

 In Featured, Out

by Curt Carlson

Prince of Peace Creation Care Small Group working with InterFaith Creation Care South Metro (ICCSM) was very pleased with the nearly 200 individuals who turned out for Dr. Mark Seeley on Sunday May 19th at St. Thomas Becket Catholic Church Eagan.

As U of M Professor Emeritus and Climatologist Dr. Seeley described his observations of the changes in the climate here in Minnesota and Midwest region. His career has been that of measuring the climate, designing and building instruments, and collecting the data that show the direction and the degree to which the environment is changing. We learned that the government Climate Normals for both temperature and moisture have been rising faster each decade over time at an ever accelerating pace and caused by humans as reported by data and not models. His presentation was sobering and he meant it to be.

Several local organizations displayed information in the hallway after the presentation and answered questions about the steps we all can take to preserve the life-sustaining qualities of our environment. A display of Electric Vehicles with owners from MN EV Owners was located in the parking lot to suggest a future transportation option as a next step. ICCSM is committed to be good stewards of God’s creation. We accept that 98% of scientists agree that humans are changing the creation in harmful ways, that we have the ability to mitigate this change and should take appropriate action now and that inaction causes suffering for the poor today and threatens the future for us all.


We encourage you to visit the ICCSM website or the POP Creation Care website to learn more about what we all can do. We are always looking for new members, so please join us.





Curt Carlson is a member of the Creation Care small group at Prince of Peace. 

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