Christmas Under Attack?

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Christmas Under Attack

Christmas is almost here and once again the air is filled with the smell of freshly baked cookies, pine needles and the sound of well-meaning believers bemoaning that “Christmas is under attack!” There’s even a television special about it this year. Seriously.

As far as I know no one is arguing against Christians celebrating Christmas in our houses of worship. It’s all about what we can or can’t do in the public square. I know these folks believe that they are furthering the mission of Christ, but maybe all that time, money and energy would be better spent on a mission Jesus actually gave us, like caring for the poor. Consider the following:

Neither Mark nor John’s Gospels tell the story of Jesus’ birth but they seem to have given birth to faith in at least a few people through the centuries.

There’s little evidence that Christians celebrated Christmas earlier than the fourth century, but the faith somehow found a way to grow.

The Savior was born in an obscure corner of the globe. Seems God didn’t feel the need to be the center of attention.

And history teaches that the faith declines when it is the dominant culture, and thrives when under pressure. Huh.

So, is all the arguing about Jesus and his mission? Or is it about us and our rights and our grasping for power in a culture that is increasingly turned off and tuned out?

I’ll stick with caring for the poor and leave the rest to God. Blessed Advent.

How will you live into Jesus and his mission this Advent and Christmas season?

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  • jarasi

    Thank you. I love it when Christian leaders put the focus on what Jesus said and did, rather than on some wacko socio-political nonsense that has nothing to do with Christ’s modeling of how we should behave toward others. Let’s focus on helping people, not worrying about some cockamamie “war on Christmas” that’s been invented by specious media characters to further ingratiate themselves with their “base.”

    • bv5

      When Christmas carols and nativity scenes are against the law and people are increasingly put to death for their Christian beliefs doesn’t mean that Christmas is under attack.. it means Christianity is under attack

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