A Christmas Story of Generosity

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Last Wednesday, someone came in to make a cash donation for us to be able to purchase hams for all the families that came to Mission Outpost this week. The donation of $1,500 was matched, which gave us $3,000 to go shopping.

On Thursday morning, we went to the Lakeville Hy-Vee and met with the Assistant Meat Manager. We told him that we had $3,000 and we needed 300 turkeys and hams and asked him what could they help us with. He said, “No problem, I will also include some extras to add to the Christmas dinner. We will deliver everything on Monday morning.” We were in tears over his willingness to help us and for Hy-Vee’s generosity.

Bright and early on Monday morning, we had our two-wheelers lined up to unload the delivery vans: 200 hams, 100 turkeys, 600 stuffing mixes, 600 cans of green beans and 600 cans of cranberry sauce for 300 households. They also provided Hy-Vee bags for us to put the dry goods in and for the turkey or ham.

We were so blessed to be able to share all these wonderful things with families coming to the food shelf this week and Hy-Vee also felt blessed to be able to help us with a little extra to make their Christmas dinners complete.

These amazing acts of kindness and generosity all started in the middle of the night last week when a donor felt a calling in their heart to give. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

– Joan Moes, The Salvation Army

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