Christmas Musical: Participant Interviews

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The Christmas Musical will be presented at all services this weekend: Saturday at 5:30 p.m., Sunday at 8:30, 9:45 and 11:00 a.m. Hear from two participants why they’re looking forward to this musical this year.

Janet Seim

How many Christmas musicals have you been part of?
I have been singing in the Prince of Peace choir and the musicals for about 26 years and I wouldn’t miss it! Every year I hear people say they just can’t get in the mood for Christmas. That is never a problem for me, as my heart, mind and soul are filled with beautiful Christmas music from October on through the rest of the fall as we rehearse until our musical performances in the second week of December. It is so inspiring to sing in a group of over 100 voices harmonizing together. It is magical!

What’s your favorite song in the musical this year?
I think people like to hear familiar carols at a performance like this: Joy to the World and O Holy Night to name a couple.

Why should I come to the musical?
I will tell you it will be a moving experience to hear the chorus, orchestra and Christmas story at every church service this coming weekend. Prince of Peace is filled with so much talent…beautiful voices, orchestra music that adds so much to the performance and the drama team impresses me every year with their ability to tell the story of Jesus birth and relate the story to our everyday lives. I recommend that everyone reading this should invite their friends and neighbors for 50 minutes of true Christmas inspiration!


Sharon Venne

How many Christmas musicals have you been part of?
All of them, if I’m counting right 19!

What’s your favorite song in the musical this year? Why?
“O Holy Night” I love the traditional songs. It also tells the whole story.

How has the musical helped you connect with God?
Singing the Christmas songs help me remember the true meaning of Christmas. God speaks to me through music.

Why should I come to the musical?
The musical is a great way to hear the Christmas story from a new perspective.You will see the Bethlehem story and have it related to today’s world.

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