Children's Choirs

Written by Barb Hanson (former Director of Children’s  Choirs): Children’s musicals were presented by the children’s choirs beginning in the late 1970’s. Handt Hanson was the original director. After helping as accompanist for a year, I took over as director of the Good News Gang (gr. 4-6) and SonShine Kids (gr. K-3). Musicals were presented at Christmas & Easter and were chosen for their message, sing-ability and uniqueness. It was important that the children grew in their faith through the songs they were singing.

Written by Handt Hanson  (Worship  Arts  Director): When we think about children’s choirs at POP, we need to acknowledge Erica Seeley for her many years of fine musical leadership with our kids. Her kind heart and incredible musical skill helped to keep music and faith in the hearts of our kids and families for many years.
Written by Kari Anderson (Director of Children’s  Worship Arts): Today, we have over 200 children participating in 3 choirs singing praises to God. Teens are involved in leadership roles in music for younger students and volunteers from every generation are designing sets, making costumes, providing hospitality and accompanying our singers. Our singers share their gifts and express their faith by singing at worship, at Ebenezer and in their musicals. At CDLC Preschool children are taught music fundamentals through songs of praise. On Sundays, over 100 preschool children have their Bible stories reinforced through music. The rich music heritage at Prince of Peace begins when the children are young and hopefully is a part of their life as they grow!

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