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Written by Jason Kramme

A few weeks ago my son Emil was up till 9:00 and awake at 5:00 every day. If you looked closely enough, you could have seen the bags forming under my eyes. The reason isn’t because we don’t have a routine at our house; we have had the same routine for him since he came out of the chute. The reason his sleeping had been so crazy was because he was overwhelmingly excited to get to church every day for Vacation Bible School.

As a dad I have always hoped to help my kids find two things: a passion for God and people that love them wherever they go.

Not that it’s a bargain, but I get a twofer every time I bring him to this place. It isn’t just VBS, it’s Sunday mornings, CDLC, family camp, and on down the list. Now I don’t think I’m alone in that, right?

This place is special.

And now I have the opportunity to give to the One Church Campaign that will ensure that the context in which my sons are encouraged to be passionate and loved beyond measure is created while they can still use it.

If I could write a check and make it happen I would. But, I know that I can’t.

I don’t think I’m too different from a lot of you. I am paying my student loans, Julie’s student loans, the mortgage, car payments, retirement, phones, and on and on.

The Kramme Family doesn’t have the capacity to snap their fingers and produce a building.

But, Julie and I found that we have capacity. We have a piece of it. We can carry the freight of a pretty good stack of bricks over three years.

Maybe you do too.

Before I even started at Prince of Peace I started hearing about the glory days. There were even some conversations that I had when I started that suggested that this place was in decline because the numbers weren’t like they were in the 90’s.

There are less people here. Sure.

But, what really made this place special then, what continues to make it special now, what will make it special in the future isn’t the size of the crowd of kids that are here. It is the size impact in our kids. And the only means that I have of measuring that impact is my son Emil. He couldn’t sleep for a week.

I want you to consider joining me in the One Church campaign at some level. It could be the latte a week level. It could be the dinner and a movie level. Or it could be the kind of money I wish I had to give to this place. It’s up to you.

So, if you haven’t already, make your commitment online or pick up a card before or after worship and send it in with your commitment soon.

Thank you.


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